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Alu Carbon Genoa ProfileAlu Carbon Furling Genoa Profile


A new hybrid profile for the Furling Genoa in carbon and aluminium.

The carbon profile ø50mm 2,5mm thick with a twin groove in aluminium. The per meter weight is 996 grammes.

Alu Carbon Furling Genoa ProfileThe profile is made of carbon using the same technology as for the masts with a special lamination for torsional loads and it is cured in an autoclave.

This extruded anodized channel is designed to be used on carbon profiles of diameter ø43, ø50, ø60 mm.

The profile is adaptable to any type of furling genoa with a simple modification of the connection tube between the drum and profile modification cursor.

The savings in weight compared to aluminum profiles is 50%.

The choice of having a profile made of carbon fiber with aluminum channel is bifold:

-the first of a technical nature to get more strength in the area where the sail transmits torque to the profile.

The second is to obtain an extremely competitive price quality ratio (weight of the product).

we prooduce 3 different types of Alu Carbon Genoa Profile

external ø 43 mm

external ø 53 mm

external ø 60 mm




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