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Directions Sea (for directions by road click here)

N 4424'09
E 00855'36


on the jorney through the port the following ordinance must be obeyed:

no.178 year 2000 issued by the Italian Ministry for Transport and Navigation

Navigation Limits

A- To get to the harbour ' Duca degli Abbruzzi' and the marinas 'Porto Antico' e 'Porto Vecchio' nautical vessels must navigate keeping to the East and North and respect the following points;

-40 m from the easterly point of the head of "Ponte Parodi"

-40 m from the head of Molo Vecchio

-40 m from the wharf Oarn outer

-40 m from the wharf ex superbacino

-40 m from the green light n:1640 on the list of lights and lighthouses issued by the istituto Igrografico Marina

-point 350 m from the coast south of the light of Punta Vagno

Pay attention to the pilots' tower where there are officials of the Capitaneria who control the passages and intervene immeduiately.




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