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Racing Yacht Carbon Mast

Yacht Service & Repair

Yacht Repair

Maxspar provides the following services at it's workshop in the port of Genoa. Fitting and repair can be carried out with the vessel docked alongside the workshop or lifted onto the quay;

  • construction, repair and modification of every type of masts
  • manufacture of rigging in wire and rod with special fittings
  • 35m paint curing oven with atmosphere control
  • drydocking facilities for repair and modification of hull, rudder, keel, engine, and propeller
  • we can build any type of accessory or joint for masts or spreads with any size tip cup or discontinuous rigging even of the largest dimensions
  • using our workshops we can solve any problem with the threading of turnblocks or the mechanical parts of genoa furling systems
  • we posess an inovative testing station to check rigging up to 50 ton load
  • our rod press can shape up to a diameter of 16mm corrisponding to # 60

Painting / Ventilated Curing Oven

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Yacht Repair & Storage

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Yacht Service Photo Gallery

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