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Directions by Sea

N 44°24'09        E 008°55'36

Enter the port from the East side at the big round building (La Fiera)

Keep right, pass the control tower, turn right.

Maxspar is half way along the long (350m) two-storey building on the left.

When leaving keep left.

Maxspar Directions Genoa Port

On the journey through the port the following ordinance must be obeyed:

no.178 year 2000 issued by the Italian Ministry for Transport and Navigation

Navigation Limits

A- To get to the harbour ' Duca degli Abbruzzi' and the marinas 'Porto Antico' and 'Porto Vecchio' nautical vessels must navigate keeping to the East and North and respect the following points;

- 40m from the easterly point of the head of "Ponte Parodi"

- 40m from the head of Molo Vecchio

- 40m from the wharf Oarn outer

- 40m from the wharf ex superbacino

- 40m from the green light n:1640 on the list of lights and lighthouses issued by the istituto Igrografico Marina

- point 350 m from the coast south of the light of Punta Vagno

Pay attention to the pilots' tower where there are Coast Guard officials (Capitaneria) who control the passage and intervene immediately.

N 44°24'09        E 008°55'36

Directions by road.

Directions by sea.

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